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Using Public Domain Works For Profit

For many different niches you can find at least a dozen, profitable business ideas by searching through public domain materials. And with the public domain, it becomes a snap to take the information you require, re-package it, edit it if necessary and voila – you have built the backbone of your online business (content) in no time at all. A business is either a service or a product. And as such, there is a certain level of quality that you must adhere to in order to be successful......... Read More

Making Easy Profit With Public Domain

Public domain is the world of knowledge that is freely available to the public. You can find literally tens of thousands of books free to download online from public domain. The vast majority of these books are usable commercially. This means that you can make a profit from these resources, leveraging the original author's work for your own income. Once a copyright expires, the book becomes public domain. It is completely legal in most cases to resell these works for your own profit. One........ Read More

How To Find Public Domain Works

Believe it or not, there’s actually some method to the search madness when looking for public domain materials to use in your business. The search engines have a hard time trying to organize the information precisely because the Internet is so decentralized and vast. In this scenario, the expert searcher does not rely on Google; he relies on specific search strategies. The debate however, rages on about where to find public domain works: On the Internet or in the real world, si........ Read More

The Public Domain Checklist

All that you have to do is to follow simple steps and you can easily be on your way to your first online business using a public domain product: 1 Find a profitable niche 2 Find a quality public domain work 3 Create your e-book 4 Purchase hosting and domain name 5 Create your website 6 Market your product! That’s it. The only part this is somewhat difficult is finding the idea – after that, everything is just a set of tasks that need to be done in every business, and as........ Read More

How Can You Profit From The Public Domain?

Usually, if you get an idea from a product, or if you like a book and wish to write something similar, you know that you can’t just copy the product or book directly. That would get you a serious lawsuit for copyright violation. On the other hand, public domain works are FREE for your use. You can republish them as is, although you might want to make a few changes such as putting in your own information, editing layout and packaging, etc. Or if you want, you can use the public ........ Read More

Can The Public Domain Ever Be “used Up”?

When discussing public domain, people often ask: The public domain is limited. Even if it will never be ‘used up’, it’s going to be used more and more compared to what will be added to it in the next few years. What will happen then? Will the public domain become useless? First off, there is literally so much contained within the Public Domain already that so many of the regular people don’t know about, that there is no chance of the public domain ‘running out’ of opt........ Read More

Please Sir, I Want Some More ... Public Domain Material

Charles Dickens is said to be the world's most prolific novelist, yet most of his works are relatively unknown to the general public, especially those he wrote under the pen name Boz. His most popular titles, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, have been retold countless times in books, scripts, theatre plays and movies, and are all now in the public domain. These works have been so popular that they have been re-published by so many different publishers th........ Read More

The Public Domain Business

The public domain is a very powerful resource. Since everyone can essentially use the same information, you can have a situation in which the same knowledge, packaged in more or less the same formats, is saturating the market. It is possible that the public – the people buying your products -- now has 10, or even 20, similar products to choose from. That’s not an enviable position to be in. Heck, it’s almost like you were a real-world business. Think again. Is it that ba........ Read More

Why Is Public Domain So Profitable?

Public Domain works are profitable because: > Many public domain works include (nearly) timeless and entirely relevant information on wildly popular ‘interests’ such as making money, self- improvement, writing, playing sports, interpreting dreams, astrology, public speaking, entrepreneurship, recipes and lots more. > The information is immediately usable – for many public domain works all you need to do is to simply do some minor editing, re-package the knowledge into a m........ Read More

Should You Hire A Lawyer To Certify A Public Domain Work?

Whenever you want to use a public domain work in your business, you should consider getting the work certified by the copyright office. The next question, then, is whether you should hire a lawyer to do so.. There is a lot of ‘research’ work and copyright checks that you can carry out yourself (or pay someone to carry them out for you) without having to go through legal hassles. In the end, you will only need a lawyer if you violate the copyright law. Even then, there are ........ Read More

How Can You Use Public Domain Works?

There are countless ways that you can make money with public domain works. Let me just suggest a few to give you an idea of the possibilities: * Re-publish public domain content – A lot of the information is relevant today. Books on recipes, public speaking, hobbies and learning languages all contain knowledge that is applicable to our time (50 or 60 years don’t change the way you bake a cake, for example). All you need to do is to find the relevant public domain work, re- pac........ Read More

Using Public Domain Materials To Solve Problems

Public Domain materials can be used to solve problems for your subscribers and customers. Which public domain products could you use? One way to determine this is to simply list your daily-life problems – tax trouble, computer maintenance in your office, a fear of public speaking, depression or any other personal, professional and family troubles you may be experiencing. Once you have such a list, turn them around into potential business ideas by finding out what people suffering........ Read More

Monetizing Public Domain Works

There are many different ways that you can use public domain works to profit. How you choose to use public domain works will be in direct proportion with exactly what you are trying to accomplish. For instance, if you don’t have a product, you may use these works to create a product. If you do have a product, you may use public domain works to sell that product, or to make that product more valuable. You can even profit from public domain works without having or creating a product at all. T........ Read More

Who Can Make Money From The Public Domain?

As it can be expected, knowing that something is profitable is not enough. You might think that finding and creating a saleable product from the public domain is too much work, or you may think it costs too much. You could also be worried that you don’t have the right ‘business experience’ to pull off such a venture. Worse yet, you may think you’re totally not an ‘Internet’ person. These are valid fears, although completely unnecessary. In fact, as you will learn, public........ Read More

Using The Public Domain For Various Types Of Websites

Public Domain products allow internet marketers great flexibility. They can be used to profit from mini-sites by selling info products, create content for membership sites, or even for use in niche sites. Let’s look at how you can profit with each type of site: Instant Information Products The public domain has the power to provide you with instant products. Pick a market, evaluate its profitability, and use a public domain work to immediately launch your info- product busin........ Read More


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